Overview: Properties Editor

DOKSoft Properties Editor (Java i18n tool) is the tool for Java products localization/internationalization on Windows, Mac OS and *nix. The editor has an easy interface and multilingual support.

  1. Simple viewing and editing a set of properties files (per Java package) organized as tables
  2. Auto-correcting ASCII symbols
  3. Working with a full Java project

Forget about using ‘native2ascii’ utility manually. Forget about difficult navigation in hundreds of huge properties files. Use DOKSoft Properties Editor (Java i18n tool). Read more about its features or use practices.

Product supports localization (l10n) /internationalization (i18n) of any Java products:
- J2SE (POJO for example)
- J2EE (JSP for example)

Standalone version is the best choice for translators. No other IDE is required.
Eclipse plugin version is the best for Java developers.
All two versions have demo-version (full functionality for 10 days). Purchasing one license will let you use these two versions.