Alpha Manager: Full featured files & images manager.
for CKEditor for TinyMCE for custom code
CKEditor Quick Image Uploader +
CKEditor Quick Image Uploader screenshot & logo
Multiupload, Drag'n'drop, no CKFinder is required
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Insert Google Maps into your site pages.
Select location, add points onto the map, routes, define areas, place text.
CKEditor Bootstrap Utils Logo

CKEditor Bootstrap Tools
This set of add-ons contains full suite for integrating Bootstrap to CKEditor and including Bootstrap components into your pages' content.
CKEditor Foundation tools logo

CKEditor Foundation Tools
Include Foundation styles and add its components into your page with handy toolset.
CKEditor Bootstrap Table Tools Logo

CKEditor Bootstrap Table Tools
The most advanced toolkit for creating and manging Bootstrap tables.
CKEditor Foundation Table tools logo

CKEditor Foundation Table Tools
Easy inseting and editing table with Foundation CSS framework.
The fastest way to upload images ever.
Direct and easy uploading images with generating preview.
Attach files to your pages in one click.
Uploading and inserting images with previews with setting its sizes.
Embed images into HTML without any uploading them to server.
Upload and insert files of any type.
Rehost images from external sites to your server and insert them into the document.
Upload files to your server by getting them from other web sites and insert them into CKEditor.
Upload multiple images and insert them as image gallery.
CKEditor Include CSS & JS
With this plugin you can customize your CKEditor edit area by including CSS and JS files to it.
Find & insert YouTube video onto your web pages. The latest API is supported.
CKEditor Button Logo
Very flexible plugin to add buttons-links on your page. Also you can style existing links into the document.
The easy plugin for inserting any of Unicode symbol into the document.
More convenient alternative for standard CKEditor's "Blocks" plugin. Showing blocks without broking visual structure.
Insert built-in or custom templates into CKEditor. Popup window or dialog are suppoted.
Handy tool for rewriting/copyrighting. Inline replace of words with their synonyms.
Words and symbols statistics on your statusbar.
Background backing up contents of your CKEditor to local browser's storage.
Easy content translation. 3 web API, 30+ languages
CKEditor HTML Insert is a plugin for comfort inserting HTML code onto the page you edit.
Insert symbol from Font Awesome collection as a character or as a bitmap.
Full bundle for inserting and editing tables inside your CKEditor document.
Inserting and editing navigation links chains.
Info/Warning/Success messages for your pages.
Define and insert your templates.
TinyMCE add-ons
Full bundle of add-ons for inserting Bootstrap framework elements into TinyMCE's document and manage it.
Use full power of Zurb Foundation's framework by building documents which contain its grid and elements.
Insert and edit Bootstrap tables in your document with an ease.
Full kit for working with tables in TinyMCE.
Modify all your tables as you want with Foundation Table Tools for TinyMCE.
Simple image uploader for your TinyMCE + PHP or .NET
Upload and insert previews compatible with LightBox & Co.
The fastest file uploader for TinyMCE.
Upload images and insert them into document with this add-on
Upload images and insert their preview linked to original image
Upload files and insert text links with icons to them
Embedding images into the TinyMCE document without any uploading it to server
Upload images and insert their preview linked to original image
Insert fully featured interactive Google Maps with your TinyMCE!
Insert one of 400+ beautiful icons as a symbol or as a bitmap without uploading any images.
Style your editor's area by adding custom CSS & JS files to it.
Simple but flexible plugin to insert templates into the document.
Insert and edit breadcrumbs navigation elements.
Define and insert custom templates into a document into one click.
Templates list for instant inserting alert messages into your document.
Insert predefined or custom characters choosing them and their styles in the dialog.
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Joomla Accordion Menu logo
Joomla Auto Category Accordion Menu
This Joomla module can automatically generate and show accordion menu by specified category.
The add-on is very flexible and can be configured for your needs.
Joomla Auto Category Dropdown Menu logo
Auto generated by catergory and its subcategories and articles dropdown menu.
Joomla Auto Category Breadcrumbs Logo
Joomla modules generates breadcrumbs navigation by your site categories structure
Joomla Auto Category Tree Menu logo
Auto generated by category and its subcategories and articles tree menu.
Joomla Auto Category Select Menu logo
Auto generated by catergory and its subcategories and articles jump (select) menu.
Joomla Flexicontent Anywhere
This Joomla plugin lets you ability to insert Flexicontent articles or their fields in any place of your page.
Joomla Flexicontent Related Item logo
This Joomla plugin lets you ability to insert Flexicontent articles or their fields in any place of your page.