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for CKEditor for TinyMCE for custom code

Purchase TinyMCE Quick File Upload

Full functionality Yes Yes Yes
Install on one website Yes Yes Yes
Install on any number of websites No Yes Yes
Sell with your product No No Yes




for 1 server any number of websites
each on 1 server
for 1 server
Subscription payments
(optional, cancelable)
$15 every next 6 months
First 6 mo. - free updates
$49 every next 1 year
First 1 year - free updates
$179 every next 1 year
First 1 year - free updates
Allowed usage
(in short)
Single site only Any number of sites;
for manual installation by customer
SAAS or distributable CRM/CMS/etc,
Including in another product





Single license

License for 1 (one) installation on 1 (one) domain only. They can be used for testing purposes anywhere, but there must be only one public resource with these product installed. If you are interested in installing more than once, you have to purchase additional single licenses or get Multisite License for unlimited use.

Multisite license

License for unlimited manual installations count. Having bought this license, you get the opportunity to manually install this product on any number of servers or subdomains. Please note that it does NOT mean you can resell this product or share your license with other people. Also word "manually" means, for example that if users can create a new subdomain (or new self domain) on your site with this product automaticaly included, you should get Ultimate license. You might have this situation for example if you have any type of SAAS service providing service of site constructor to your customers, user blogs on separate domains/subdomains, etc.: Multisite license is not acceptable here and you need Ultimate license.

The following usage of these plugins is considered legal:

  1. Installing and using plugins on any test computers and virtual machines by you or by your employees (test case).
  2. Installing and using plugins on any of your servers/domains by you or by your employees (freelancer/worker hirer case).
  3. Manual installing and using plugins on any servers/domains without limitations personally (freelancer case).

Team notice:
We hope that if you are interested in Multisite/Ultimate licenses you will buy them despite the fact product by Single License has no code differences with its any other licenses. We do not want to integrate redundant license key checkers and expect you to be honest.

Ultimate (Custom) License

This type of licence can let your the most flexible conditions on which this product may be used. You can create self product with our software and do anything you want with it. You'll be able to deploy it in manual or automatical mode to any number of domains you want, you'll be able to redistribute your product as you want without any additional fees. This license is one-year license. You'll be able to easely renew it after its period ends.

There is just a couple of obvious restrictions: do not resell our product (not as a component of your product) and do not include our product to software/sites where our product is the main or the only component (it means that you just modified our product a little). Also all your users get just user license to this product (it means they can not extract DOKSoft software and do anything with it separately to your site/software).

This license is required in any type of SAAS products (even if you do not distribute them and place on only one server), site constuctor services, etc.

This license may be changed for you after negotiations if you need it. Mail us to discuss the payment/licensing conditions.

Refund policy

If you have found critical issue in the product, contact us and we guarantee for 100% refund if we unable to help you.