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Overview : CKEditor Quick Image Upload+

CKEditor Image Upload+ is the best solution to upload images to server quick without file manager.

If you are a site owner you can upload images to site yourself or configure site comments to let users ability to attach images to their posts.
If you are a webmaster/web studio you can build sites for your clients and be sure they can upload images onto the site pages without any problems.

No CKFinder required.
CKEditor Image Uploader+ has its own server side PHP uploader and ASP.NET uploader, you can configure it very flexible.

Plugin for CKEditor: no CKFinder required PHP Compatible
Plugin for CKEditor: no CKFinder is required PHP Compatible ASP.NET Compatible

Usage examples

Using in comment forms on your sites.

Read our blog article about how to configure it in Drupal. It may also be used in other CMS (Joomla, WordPress, etc.) in the same way.